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Getting a Breakdown Recovery Policy for Your Business

If your business has a flet of vehicles, it’s important that you get breakdown cover for them. There’s a good chance that at least most of your vehicle will experience problems while on the road at some point. This type of cover will provide you with peace of mind so that you know everything is going to be okay. The more you learn about breakdown cover, the more convinced you will be that it’s the right decision for your business.

Which Vehicles Can You Cover?

Companies that offer breakdown cover policies do have limits on which vehicles a business or individual can cover. You should be able to cover any vehicle as long as it doesn’t weigh more than 3 to 4 tonnes. It is important that you check with each company about these limits so you know exactly what they are.

Breakdown Cover Options

Because there are so many different breakdown cover options to choose from, you will need to explore them in depth. Sites like Roadside can help with this. When you know what your choices are, you can get a policy that matches your business’s needs just right.

Some of the breakdown cover options you will have include:

Roadside Assistance: This particular option will ensure that a mechanic is sent out to whichever vehicle breaks down. If the mechanic cannot fix the problem at the scene, the vehicle will be towed to a local repair shop. This is a standard part of any breakdown cover policy, and it can be extremely useful.

Fleet Europe: If your fleet of vehicles goes across Europe outside of the UK, you will definitely want to think about this particular option. Your fleet will be covered anywhere in Europe. If the vehicle cannot be fixed, it will be taken back to the UK.

Breakdown Repair Cover: When any vehicle in your fleet needs repair work done, you can save money on the parts. This level of cover also usually applies to labour up to a certain amount. Mechanical repairs can be expensive, so you will want to get all the help you can with them.

Car Hire: If one of your vehicles is out of commission for a while due to repairs, you can use this level of breakdown cover to get a temporary vehicle for your employees. This way you won’t have to try to conduct business as usual with an incomplete fleet.
At Home: This cover option will help you out if you have a vehicle at your place of business that won’t start. You can have a mechanic sent to your business to fix the issue or tow the vehicle to the nearest repair shop.

Why Pay for Breakdown Cover for Your Business?

There are many different reasons to consider paying for breakdown cover for your business, including:

24/7 Roadside Assistance: When you have a quality breakdown cover policy, you will have access to roadside assistance services day or night. No matter what time of day any of your vehicles break down, a mechanic can be sent out to get them back on the road. If an immediate repair isn’t possible, you can get the vehicle towed to the nearest garage.

Unlimited Callouts: These days a lot of companies are offering businesses unlimited callouts on breakdown cover policies. This means that you won’t be limited to a certain number of callouts each year.

Save Money: The right breakdown cover policy is good for your business’s bottom line. Depending on the policy you have, you could save thousands of dollars each year in tows and repairs.

Stay Efficient: It can be a challenge to keep your business running efficiently, but breakdown cover can help. When there is a problem with one of your vehicles, this cover will allow you to get them started back up as quickly as possible.

Getting the Best Deal

It is important that you shop around so you can get the best possible deal on breakdown cover for your business. There are quite a few different providers that you can turn to, but you don’t want to choose just any of them. The more time you spend looking into these options, the more money your business will save. Make sure that you look into which specific options each provider offers, as it won’t always be exactly the same. Getting this information will help you to get exactly what you need at the right price.

Should My Business get a Breakdown Cover Policy?

Pretty much any business that has more than one vehicle should consider getting a breakdown cover policy. You will find that the money you spend will be well worth it. The sheer convenience of these policies will help you keep your business running more efficiently than ever before.